Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brookey gets her hair done

So the ward came late last night and put this sign out in our yard for the newest young woman in our ward, that's right Brooke Horton is twelve. And with twelve comes new highlights for her hair :) for as long as I can remember Brooke has loved coming with me to get my hair done and for the last 4 years I have been going to a girl that Brooke idolizes. Her name is Kaylee and she is a ballerina and so Brooke was so excited for her to do her hair. I love you Brooke I had a great day with you and I am so proud of you love always Mom.


grandma to 16 said...

oh my gosh~ oh my gosh~~~

Brooke you're gorgeous!!!!!!

I love it, you definately look like a young woman -

what a neat idea with the sign!!! awesome~

Cher said...

Brooke you are so pretty!